Hello everyone,

My name is Luca and I am the host who will welcome you in Le Corti del Silenzio. My aim is making your experience unique to rediscover the simple things that nature offers us: the wind, the animals, the flowers and the fruits.

You are surely wondering where the name Le Corti del Silenzio comes from:

Le Corti del Silenzio means the courts of Silence. I want to create a new holiday concept intended as a moment of escape from the hustle and the bustle of the modern city.

Calm, relaxation, amusement, time spent with your family. These are all values ​​that today we have lost due to the city frenzy, and that it is good for us to recover them especially during a holiday.

What I want to convey to you and to all my guests is a destination that is a geographic place filled with human values.

Staying at Le Corti del Silenzio means regaining an ancestral connection with the earth. This beauty and vital force requires culture and architecture to bow down and take a step back. 

Where the idea comes from?

Le Corti del Silenzio was born after one of my trip Apulia, to Ceglie Messapica.

I fell in love with this magical land: the magnificent landscapes, the flavor of traditional dishes and the light that reflects on the beautiful dry-stone walls. I experienced emotions I have not felt for a long time.

I rediscovered serenity, tranquility, silence, simplicity and being together with the people I love.

Hence, the idea and the vision to make my guests who will stay in my structure live the same experiences.

Il Trullo dell’Oleandro

he first property to be part of it is Il Trullo dell’Oleandro: a historic Trullo that has been renovated as to provide modern comforts in addition to its historical value. It is a heaven of peace and silence, interrupted only by the sounds of nature such as birdsong or the sound of cicadas.

It is in this piece of land where Nature, meant as mother and life, takes over the scene and appropriates its dominant role.

A charming property away from the city and highly regenerating, both for the body and for the mind.

The project will include other structures in line with the values ​​of La Corte del Silenzio, which represent the essence of simplicity, beauty and nature.

A new point of view for a brand new holiday experience.

Everything started from the Trullo: it is a historical construction dated the 17th century, still existing today, a symbol of Valle d'Itria and Apulian rural life.

In order to create our logo, we moved away from the classic iconic image that characterizes the Trullo and we headed towards something that was in line with our values. We chose the Trullo layout, the center, the place where the family gathered, but also the warm and spacious place that provided a feeling of protection.

In addition to this concept, we decided to add another identifying symbol of Puglia to emphasize the connection between nature and property: the red soil.

Not just a vacation but an experience.

I will guide you in this splendid haven of Apulia among the mountains and the sea, to let you taste the products of the garden and the fruits of our estate but also local specialties: stracciatella, burrata, focaccia from Bari, freshly baked hot bread, oil and wine.

You can learn how to make orecchiette with the support of local chefs or ride a bike through unspoiled nature.

Staying in Le Corti del Silenzio is not just a holiday but an experience filled with emotions, flavors and scents.

A journey to rediscover the simple things in life together with the people you love.

I cannot wait to have you here, 



    Ceglie Messapica 72013,

    Brindisi, Italy

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